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Suffer My Wrath


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You back me into a corner Forcing me to fight You left me with no fucking choice One impulse is in my mind Gonna get out alive You can’t kill the will to survive Won’t bow down My knuckles tender and raw Your blood says it all Force me to fight – I’m ready to brawl Won’t bow down I bow to no one I will end what you have begun And now I end what you have foolishly begun Lashing out Fighting back Time now to feel my wrath Lashing out and fighting back Witness to my wrath Was beaten down now striking back Decimating all in my path Lashing out Fighting back Now you’re going to feel my fucking wrath You better sound the alarms This is my call to arms You wanted a war It’s war you’ll get
We are the disease Showing this world no mercy Storms roll and expand Crossing these ravaged lands Darkness – like a tidal wave No one left to be saved It’s too late – time to be afraid Not one of us can be saved It’s too late – time to be afraid All these demons – man made We consume We’re all consuming And in the end we shall be consumed We are all damned Cursed by our own hands These nightmares born from our hands Plagues arrive with shifting sands
Tyrant vanquishing all I am the king – born and bred Protect this crown upon my head I’ll move the mountains and part the seas I will trample those who defy me Those who resist Will taste defeat I am the worst hell They will ever meet Tyrant upon my throne Legions amassed – this army of mine Conquer those who oppose in due time Those who defy Will taste defeat I am the worst hell They will ever meet There is no stopping me You cannot kill me If you resist You’ll taste defeat I am the worst hell You’ll ever meet I am the tyrant from which you hide Upon a pale horse I ride There is no way to stop me There is no way to halt destiny
Let’s ride to hell and back Are you with me? Go! Let’s ride to hell… Racing this road that’s paved for me Self fulfilling prophecy I am one more tragedy Crossing the double lines Will I make it this time? Let’s turn this town into ash And we’ll never look back I am one more tragedy Flames reflecting in my eyes My heart blazing – now I feel alive Now I’m alive I know exactly what I am Sinner by birth ‘til death – condemned and damned No more tragedy Evil lives within me
Give it to me Here we are Me and you Another midnight rendezvous Your eyes beg Scream at me Tightening grip on ecstasy I want it You’ve got it Give it to me…now! Give it to me all night long Our bodies melting into one My pleasure and your pain It’s all one in the same Pleasure - pain It’s all one in the same Pull your hair Smack that ass No bottom to my glass Tip of the fingers Tip of my tongue Catch your sweat as it runs I want it You’ve got it Give it to me…now!
Shut up – your talk is cheap Once again you turned on me My heart – now dead My fists say what needs to be said Blood boiling – every nerve alive Your screams rise – kissing the sky You can try to pretend Wishing this story has a happy end Revenge tastes so sweet I will use your every word As a weapon against you Now is the time This is the place I want your head served on a stake Revenge so sweet blood stains my teeth
Is this…a dream? Wake up Is this a dream? Am I still even alive? Who to believe Surrounded by insincerity Built to deceive A world of hypocrisy A world of insanity…please set me free Set us free Wake up (I need to) wake up Stories to tell and lies to spread Putting myth into their heads Coiled like a snake Serpent lies in wait…ready to strike Wake up (We need to) wake up Preying upon all our fears Everything’s now coming clear One solution Only one way out tonight Time to make our stand - to start a fight Cut off the head The body will die
Thrills you are always chasing A lifetime of wasting away I hope you make it up from the bottom I hope you make it out of the bottle Up from the bottom Pills that you swallow Worship and follow Numb to it all Pills that you swallow Leaving you hollow So empty inside Pills swallowed Living hollowed I pray you make it out of the bottle I pray you make it up from the bottom Zombie with living flesh (you’re a) Zombie Walking towards death (you’re a) Zombie (you’re a) Zombie With living flesh Your body becoming a slave Digging your own fucking grave
Beautiful people at every turn Daddy’s little whores with money to burn Your single worth is your vanity Traded in circles like commodities Parasites sucking you dry Parasites One of a million Cloning revealed – failed design Mirrors reflecting Misery that you hide The misery that you bury so deep down inside will eat you alive Posture and pose Who you are - nobody knows One of a million Cloning reveals – failed design Mirrors reflecting Misery that you hide Millions of a kind Replicate simply to survive Parasite Bleeding it dry Replicate Simply to survive Your imitation breeding failure
Led to believe your world is reality So far from the truth that it’s lunacy One day this world will wash you all away No one will think it to be a tragedy Witness catastrophe The higher you climb – the farther you fall Fame starved junkie We have come to find you weren’t so special at all You're no celebrity Fuck your celebrity Rotting in hell is where I know you’ll be Slaughter – suffer – tortured for all eternity You’re just one more fucking junkie


North Carolina's KILLWHITNEYDEAD are ready to unleash their new album, Suffer My Wrath. Their first new material since 2007's Nothing Less Nothing More and Hell to Pay double shot, the 10-track album finds the band at a crossroads. Entering their 12th year of existence, KILLWHITNEYDEAD’s origins are deeply rooted in the early deathcore scene, but on Suffer My Wrath, the group steps away from the genre’s stylistic confines, creating something much more alluring.

Lead vocalist Matt Rudzinski elaborates, "Over the years, we have definitely been pigeonholed as a group and deservedly so, but when Kyle (guitar) handed me this batch of new songs back in 2010 I knew we were going to shake things up for KWD fans. Are we re-inventing the wheel as far as metal is concerned, not really, but are we attempting to shatter expectations of what a new KILLWHITNEYDEAD record will sound like in 2013? Sure we are, but whether fans will accept that change only time will tell."

Suffer My Wrath was engineered by new guitarist, Kyle Odell (Vanisher, Bloodjinn) and mixed by longtime friend, Jamie King, at his Basement Studios. Having since dropped off the touring circuit back in 2010, the band was allowed the freedom to record the album at their own pace during the past two years and they believe it shows.

No KILLWHITNEYDEAD album is complete without some of the band’s extended family of fellow musicians also contributing their talents. Line of Fire’s Shawn Pelata who contributed to both 2005's Never Good Enough For You and 2006's So Pretty So Plastic albums returns to the fold lending his powerhouse melodic vocal style to 7 tracks on Suffer My Wrath, while guitarist Matt Johnsen (Pharaoh) and singer Justin Reich (Vanisher) also appear on the record. Jonin members Thomas Clark, Todd Houck and Stuart Smith round out the guest list of performers on the upcoming album.


released May 20, 2014

Produced/Engineered by Kyle Odell
Mixed by Jamie King at The Basement Studios


all rights reserved



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